Britain has said it is ready to leave the EU without agreement

В Британии заявили о готовности покинуть ЕС без соглашения

The possibility of a referendum is excluded.

The Minister of internal Affairs of great Britain Sajid Javid has said it is ready to lead the country out of the European Union without an agreement, reports the with reference to League.

Javid rule out the possibility of another referendum or a snap General election. He did not intend to repeal article 50, and promises to accelerate the preparation for Brexit, if he becomes Prime Minister.

Javid wants the United Kingdom withdrew from the EU before the set deadline of 31 October. He unveiled a plan of five points for Brexit, recognizing the challenges facing the UK.

The European Parliament has suspended the accreditation of the deputies from the Spanish media

Among these items, the drafting of the emergency budget.

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