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 Britain has another monarch

There is another monarch in Britain, though he rules only the tiny island of Peel. 33-year-old electrician Aaron Sanderson defeated 200 other “candidates for the throne” and was crowned with a beer shower.

"I never thought I would be the king of the island. I didn't even think about it last year. I just thought, “I could do it, I'll pay for it, and then I got it. Then there was a period of several months when I thought, “Oh my gosh. I just took over the island. What I've done? But in the mornings I sit in front of the entrance and drink beer, and it's like your own little piece of heaven. It's really something else when no one is here. And obviously when you have people around you and you're just having a good time and laughing with your friends, that's great too. If I can put my own stamp on this place, then, fingers crossed, everything will be fine, and I can enjoy myself for the next ten years, ”the Mirror reports him.

Barrow-in Council Furness, a small port town, announced the selection for the 170-year-old title of King of Peel Island in December 2021.

The monarch's responsibilities include renting the famous pub for ten years and maintaining the island's remarkable habitat.

"I was camping here when I was a kid and I have been a regular visitor to this place for such a long time – as long as I can remember. It's a huge difference from what I've been doing and a big leap indeed. But I just thought, “I need to do this.” And I didn't want this place to close again,” Aaron said.

Now he lives on an island that has eight private cottages and a 900-year-old ruined Motte and Bailey castle.
< br /> "Bringing everything here is hard work, because you don't just take care of the pub, you take care of the whole island. I understand the tides and the weather plays a dramatic part in them, but basically the logistics of getting things here is just the biggest problem. We also have periods when there are no ferries and no one, and there are times when you will not be able to get off – you just need to be ready for it. We do not have mains gas or electricity, where you can have unlimited power – we have a generator for our energy and a bank of batteries,” the Briton added.

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