Brilliant or stupid: prank with the police surprised the network

Геніально чи тупо: пранк з поліцейською здивував мережу

Prank on prance police

Jokes with the police does not happen so often, after all, can not have a cheerful ending. However, this guy decided to pull a prank that shocked the COP, not angry.

Platform Reddit user with the nickname YoUpvowt shared the epic video prank on pasminco that quickly in the trends network. Within hours, the entry was viewed over 25 thousand people and more than 600 left comments.

And all because the movie starts like a regular cooking video cooking cookies. Next, the same author shows that this is no ordinary holiday cookies, but in the form of the gadget. In the next shot you can see how a COP stops a car “the Baker” because he was talking on the phone while driving. How ended the story? It’s just worth to see!

Ahhhhhhhh she is dead !!! from r/WatchPeopleDieInside

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