Bright touch: what colors European fashion offers this winter

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 Bright touch: what colors European fashion offers this winter

European designers focus on bright positive colors in the winter season. white. In Israel, the brand's collection is presented at the Elisabetta Franchi flagship store in Tel Aviv on Kikar HaMedina.

Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi creates her collections for women who know how to truly experience emotions and evoke feelings in others, because their very life – it's an emotion. These are women who live life to the fullest, without limiting themselves and setting themselves a single goal – make your dreams come true.

 A bright touch: what colors does the European fashion of this in winter

Emerald– bright and at the same time calm emerald color radiates nobility and is associated with luxury and prosperity. Set in emerald tones – it's the perfect choice when you need to be the center of attention and radiate positivity and confidence.
Red – it is always a thing-statement. This is the most daring, sexy and exciting color. Saturated, exciting, hot, it absolutely emphasizes individuality. This is the color of determined women, confidently moving towards their goal.

 European fashion offers colors this winter

Lavender – it is a color that symbolizes sophistication and femininity, it is loved by emotional and sensual people who tend to dream, but not just dream, but also make their dreams come true.

 Bright touch: what colors European fashion offers this winter

White– elegant, stylish, versatile, white is combined with almost any other color and suits almost everyone and in any situation, and at the same time it is accent, bright, eye-catching. The white color in clothes is like an artist's canvas, on which you can depict anything.
The autumn-winter collection symbolizes the revival of a modern woman: strong, independent, courageous, and at the same time, feminine, creative and sensual.
Women who know how to dream and embody fantasies. Women who are not alien to romance. A woman who is always up to date with the latest trends in this ever-changing world.
The ELISABETTA FRANCHI brand has offices around the world with branches in the largest cities in the world, which are fashion centers: Paris, Milan, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai and continues to expand. ELISABETTA FRANCHI is a regular participant of the International Fashion Week, which takes place annually in Milan.
The showroom of the brand is located in Milan, in the heart of the Fashion Quarter, in a building with an area of ​​1000 square meters, occupying 6 floors.
Today, the ELISABETTA FRANCHI brand has become synonymous with style and sophistication – famous Hollywood fashionists Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Kourtney Kardashian, Lady Gaga and many other world-class stars wear clothes from ELISABETTA FRANCHI. Branch in Israel: Tel Aviv, Hei B'Yar Street 52, Kikar HaMedina. Instagram page Phone: 050 – 3147222

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