Brees, the greatest passer the NFL

Brees, le plus grand passeur de la NFL

NEW ORLEANS — Drew Brees became the new record holder for the highest number of yards passing in the NFL, and he has done it with panache, Monday, in New Orleans.

The quarter-to-back 39-year-old of the Saints eclipsed the record of 71 940 yards set by Peyton Manning with a touchdown of 62 yards to the rookie Quite As Smith, during the second quarter of the game won 43-19 against the Washington Redskins.

Once the pass is received, the officials have stopped the match and the ball was given to the officers in the hall of fame of football that stood on the side lines, while the crowd in the Superdome was offered a standing ovation to Brees. The quarterback has removed his helmet, lifted his arms to thank the fans, and has taken his wife and his children in his arms.

“I love you so much,” said Brees making a hug to his three sons, while his wife, Brittany stood to the side with their daughter. “You can accomplish anything you want if you are willing to put in the effort.”

Congratulations to Peyton

Manning, a native of New Orleans whose father Archie played for the Saints, could not attend the match due to a scheduling conflict. However, he had recorded a message of congratulations which was played on the screens in the Superdome.

The video shows Manning being cut tomatoes, well vexed that “the best 1000 days of my life” are over. “Thanks to you, all of this is over,” he added, as the crowd erupted in laughter. “You ruined it all. In addition, this also serves as congratulations to the record-breaking hit, because, you see, I am very busy and I don’t have the time to make a video each time.”

On a note a little more serious, Manning added that Brees broke the record “the right way”. “All of this work and this hard have borne fruit,” said Manning, pointing to a photo of himself and Brees in 2000, while the latter was still at Purdue and Manning was in his third year in the professionals.

“You and me come a long way since this photo.”

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