Breathtaking video: for the first time, the wreckage of the Titanic is shown in 8K

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For the first time since the sinking of the legendary Titanic, which happened 110 years ago, a video was filmed with the wreckage of the ship in 8K resolution. A video released by OceanGate Expeditions shows the hull of the wreck, as well as some of the “unusual” details never seen before. "I never saw the name of the anchor maker Noah Hingley & sons ltd. at the left anchor. I have studied the wreck for decades and made several dives, and I cannot recall seeing any other image showing this level of detail,” commented Titanic expert diver Roy Golden. On the one-minute video you can see the bow, port anchor, hull number one, a huge anchor chain and a cargo hold. OceanGate promised that from now on, only high-definition footage will be used to monitor the destruction of the ship.

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