Breathing Culture project: new season

 Breathing Culture Project: New Season

On the days of Pesach “Mifal Hapais” and the Department of Nature and Parks join forces for the third time in a row within the framework of the Breathing Culture project; (“Noshmim tarbut”). The success of the previous two years and the enthusiastic response from the Israelis made possible a new season of performances by artists of various genres in national parks and reserves. Actors and jugglers, musicians and circus performers, and even opera singers will give dozens of performances for those who take walks in the parks during Passover.

 Breathing Culture Project: New Season

during the four weekdays of Pesach, from Sunday to Wednesday (April 17 & 20), in the morning and evening hours in national parks throughout the country.
Shows will run at no extra charge. Scale of the initiative – half a million shekels. The project will provide work for approximately 150 street performers and musicians who will perform at six venues: these are the national parks of Zippori, Beit Shean, Yehiam, Migdal Tzedek, Beit Guvrin, Mamshit. The performances are planned in such a way that as many people as possible can see them: the artists will perform at specially marked points along the tourist routes. Avigdor Yitzhaki:

“In light of the success of the project and the lively response from the public, we have decided this year to give tens of thousands of Israelis the opportunity to enjoy their national parks as an extra. We attach great importance to the continuation of this cooperation. It helps both the audience and the artists.

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Raya Soraka, and. about. Director General of the Nature and Parks Authority:
“We are once again inviting Israelis to the traditional nature and national park walks during Passover to enjoy nature and art at the same time. Performances under flowering trees or in an ancient fortress, in an ancient amphitheater or on a 2000-year-old cobbled street are possible thanks to the joint initiative “Mifal ha-pais” and the Nature and Parks Authority, and everyone will benefit from it. Happy holiday to all of us.
Photo: Dor Pazuelo for the Nature and Parks Authority
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