Breakthrough: managed to decipher the secret messages of Queen Mary of Scots

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 Breakthrough: Secret Messages of Queen Mary of Scots Deciphered

Scientists have managed to decipher the secret messages of Queen Mary of Scotland, who wrote letters to her sister Queen Elizabeth I when she was imprisoned in England.

This is reported by The Independent.< br />
The 57 letters reveal fascinating information about her imprisonment, according to the codebreakers, who consider their work a weighty discovery about the fate of the queen over 100 years.

The messages date from 1578 to 1584. That is, she wrote them several years before she was beheaded. Basically, she complained about poor health and unbearable conditions in captivity. Her release was also discussed in the correspondence. The Queen argued that this process was conducted in bad faith.

Queen Mary also spoke of her grief when her son James was kidnapped in August 1582. In addition, she expressed distrust of the head of her sister's spy network, Sir Francis Walsingham, and spoke hostilely towards the Earl of Leicester and Elizabeth's favorite, Robert Dudley.

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