Breakthrough: a baby from the United States had a heart and thymus transplant

 Breakthrough: US baby gets heart and thymus transplant

Baby Easton Cinnamon from North Carolina was born with a weak heart and weak immune system. According to The Daily Mail, doctors at Duke University performed an experimental transplant that had never been done before. This child became the first person in the world to receive a combined heart and thymus transplant in the chest, which produces white blood cells. When our immune system detects a foreign body, it can send out these white blood cells to fight the infection.

The operation was performed when Easton was six months old. First, the baby underwent a heart transplant, and two weeks later, a thymus tissue implant was inserted.
Now the boy is already one year old. According to doctors, the success of these surgeries gives hope to millions of people who need organ transplants.

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