Brazil asks Apple to stop selling iPhone without charger

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 Brazil requires Apple to stop selling iPhone without charger

Brazil's government on Tuesday ordered Apple Inc to stop selling the iPhone without a charger in the country, alleging that the company is providing consumers with a defective product.

Brazil's Ministry of Justice fined Apple for 12.275 million reais ($2.38 million) and ordered the cancellation of the sale of the iPhone 12 and newer models, as well as the suspension of the sale of any iPhone model that does not come with a charger.

In the order, Published in the country's official gazette on Tuesday, the ministry argued that the iPhone's lack of a critical component was a “deliberate discriminatory practice against consumers.”

Authorities dismissed Apple's argument that such The practice aims to reduce carbon emissions by saying there is no evidence of environmental protection from selling a smartphone without a charger.

The ruling comes a day before Apple Inc is due to announce its new iPhone model.< /p> Follow us on Telegram

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