Brand new series 2: watch online Ukrainian youth series

Новенька 2 серія: дивитись онлайн український молодіжний серіал

The main character of the series

The detective melodrama “the New girl” wins Ukrainian viewers. 2 series thrilling series was released on the New channel on November 27. Watch online latest episode and read the description of the plot!

The series “New girl” talks about the twists and turns in the lives of teenagers. History melodrama set in an elite private school where the new girl – 16-year-old Faith from a simple family. At the request of the police she is forced to spy on their peers-majors, but falls in love with one of the main suspects.

Suddenly, all Roma – the most popular, the richest, most successful student – school meets the new girl in return. It is what unites them is music. Find out what happened in the second series!

Watch online series “brand New” 2 series 27-11-2019:

Series 2 of the TV series “New girl”

PLOT. Faith Korbut first comes to school “Vivat”. The Director represents the class of a new student. Rich classmates don’t understand why this girl was among them, because, according to the rules of the school, the transition in the middle of the year forbidden.

In math class Faith successfully solves the equation, and the teacher puts her “excellent”. Now peers begin to mock even more, taking her place in the class, poured on the head of the cast, I order as quickly as possible to get away from school.

Новенька 2 серія: дивитись онлайн український молодіжний серіал

Faith becomes a victim Bongo

Anna-Maria is blackmailing and threatening the Faith. She searched the Internet for information on new and… found nothing. Not a single fact from the biography, photos or page in any social network. No data on parents or other relatives. But the girl tuned at any price to bring the heroine to clean water because they do not believe that she was here.

Through the transition to another school Faith confronts Oleg. The guy doesn’t believe that his girl was transferred to the elite schools only for special knowledge and talent. He catches the girl at the entrance and asked to explain why she went to school for the “majors”. But to tell the truth is to violate the contract with the police.

Новенька 2 серія: дивитись онлайн український молодіжний серіал

A girl can’t tell Oleg the truth

The investigator Lysenko already found Faith a new job. A man shows a pendant, found in the hand of teachers of mathematics, and asked to determine who it belongs to. Walking down the stairs, Faith sees how a classmate of Roma wears the same medallion around his neck!

Meanwhile, a rehearsal of the “Gang” breaks Holidays. The guy can fly out of Vivat’y because Gala accuses him of beating. “Gang” decides to help a friend to solve the situation. Teenagers all together stragate in trouble…

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