Bradley Cooper remembered being attacked with a knife

Bradley Cooper remembered being attacked with a knife

Popular actor Bradley Cooper spoke about how he was attacked with a knife in the New York subway two years ago. The actor told the story of the attack on the Armchair Expert podcast.

According to Cooper, he needed to pick up his daughter from kindergarten, and because of traffic jams, he decided to use the subway. The actor was dressed in inconspicuous clothes, was in sunglasses, hoping that no one would notice him.

At some point, Bradley Cooper felt that someone was approaching him from behind. The actor thought it might be a fan looking for a photo and turned around. In front of him, Cooper saw a young man holding a knife.

Immediately after that, the attacker escaped, the actor chased him and managed to take several photographs of him. During the chase, Bradley Cooper ran into the police, whom he tried to tell about the attack.

After that, the actor went down to the subway again and followed his daughter.

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