Brad pitt was fond of the 21-year-old hottie: photo lady

Брэд Питт увлекся 21-летней красоткой: фото избранницы

After learning about the novel brad pitt Charlize Theron, as well as gossip of his possible reunion with ex-wife Jennifer aniston (50th anniversary which he visited a few days ago), the American media has proposed a new version of the personal lives of movie Stars

In particular, it was reported that pitt was fascinated by actress Sydney Sweeney, who starred with him in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once in Hollywood”. Pitt and Tarantino see in the young American almost “new Marilyn Monroe”.

Брэд Питт увлекся 21-летней красоткой: фото избранницы

21-year-old Sweeney, according to the publication, pitt made a huge impression — and not only his acting talent. Brad maintains relationships with Sydney, although the film is over. And wants to invite her to participate in new joint projects to get to know her better. Yet what they have in common a close friendship. However, brad (who has told friends that after a horrible divorce from Angelina jolie, never married), wish it grew into something more.

As previously reported, American actor brad pitt has got a girlfriend after a hard breakup with Angelina Jolie.

Brad pitt met with his new passion thanks to a friend Sean Penno. Penn introduced the famous actor to his ex-fiancee. With other made quite the pimp, because a couple is Dating since the end of last year. This was written edition of the Sun.

Home of Hollywood heartthrob brad pitt and the winner of the award “Oscar” actress Charlize Theron started Dating before Christmas. By the middle of this month, they stopped hiding from the paparazzi. All last week on any public event they appeared together.

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Брэд Питт увлекся 21-летней красоткой: фото избранницыSydney Sweeney

Relationship with actress Charlize Theron became the first serious relationship of Delirium after the break with ex-wife Angelina Jolie in 2016. Brad is now 55 years old, his new sweetheart for 43 years. They were introduced by Sean Penn. For some time the stars were just friends until one day I got in the cinema.

Brad pitt came to the film “If Beale street could talk”, because he was Executive producer of the film. The show was to be held in a private home in the Hollywood hills. Charlize at the event was the special guest. She drank the vodka cocktail he was holding a bottle of mineral water.

“They laughed, his arm hugged her waist. At some point he winked at her. They both looked really happy,” said the source, who apparently attended the party.

Recall that Angelina Jolie had an affair with Jared Leto.

As reported Politeka, Angelina Jolie made a surprise confession: “pitt was a weakling.”

Also Politeka wrote that Jolie agreed to pitt’s offer, signed the contract.

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