Brad pitt in a candid conversation with Anthony Hopkins said that didn’t cry 20 years

Брэд Питт в откровенном разговоре с Энтони Хопкинсом рассказал, что не плакал 20 лет

Brad pitt in a candid conversation with Anthony Hopkins said that didn’t cry 20 years [photo]
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Photo: still from the film

The legendary actors talk about mistakes, movie and children.

Hollywood actor brad pitt spoke with his senior colleague, 81-year-old Anthony Hopkins on various topics. Artists have long been familiar, so the conversation was Frank. For the first time pitt and Hopkins met on the set of the film “legends of the fall” in 1994. Four years later, they had the opportunity to work together and on the fantasy drama “Meet Joe black”. A conversation between two legends published by Interview magazine.

The fate

Brad starts the conversation with a philosophical question “do you Believe in fate?”, that gets a definite answer from the interlocutor, “Yes, I do.” What he said, too, that in recent years began to believe that some things are predestined.

– I was under the impression that I sat on this big beast called life. At some point I made a conscious choice to sit down on this beautiful, powerful thing. And I just go where I lead. I guess that’s what happens to people like you and me. We don’t even know why. Maybe it’s the desire to escape from something. But now I believe that we can’t take the credit or blame, says Hopkins, what in his opinion the fate.

About emotion and children

Pitt admitted that for too long has been emotionless, but now everything fell into place. He believes that this happened due to those around him, in common with Angelina Jolie children.

– I didn’t cry for about twenty years. But now, at this stage of my life, I became more sensitive. Touch me, my children, my friends, just something new. I don’t know where and what it will bring, but I think that’s a good sign, – said the actor.


On the question of Hopkins that in his understanding of the meaning of wine, the actor said the following.

– I understand that as an act of forgiveness for each of my choice, which I’m not proud of. I appreciate the mistakes because they led me to some wisdom, which, in turn, will lead me to something else, – he explained.

Brad also openly shared his thoughts on mistakes in life.

– Need to make their mistakes, to accept our weaknesses, our confusion. This is a charm. All wrong, but it is the next step after a mistake determines the essence of man. We are all human and want to find meaning in life. But to achieve this, we need two things: to keep the creative juices flowing and be with those we love, – said ex-spouse Jolie.

He also added that we live in a time when it is easy to condemn and treat people as disposable things.

We have always attached great importance to the mistake. But the next step is what you do after the mistakes is what really defines a person. We all make mistakes. But what is the next step? We are not left to wait for what it will be. And this is the part of human life, which I think is more interesting – said pitt.

About alcohol addiction

In an interview-confessions not without a discussion of alcohol addiction faced by both of them.

– I read that you had a drinking problem, said 81-year-old actor.

Pitt admitted that he was doing himself a “disservice” and took a drink as “escape”. Anthony Hopkins remembered about his struggle with alcoholism and said he was not “the Evangelist in this matter.”

Брэд Питт в откровенном разговоре с Энтони Хопкинсом рассказал, что не плакал 20 лет

Anthony Hopkins and brad pitt in the movie “Meet Joe black”. Photo: still from the film


Daughter of Jolie and pitt officially changed his name to John.

Renaming was decorated with a resolution of a stellar parent.

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