Brad Pitt clarified his words about the end of his career

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 Brad Pitt clarified his words about retirement

Hollywood star Brad Pitt explained his words about the end of his acting career. Earlier, in an interview with GQ, the actor said that it was time to finish more than 30 years of work in the film industry.

His statement gave rise to a large number of rumors on the network.

I really need to work on my wording. I wanted to say that I have already reached middle age and I want to know how to spend this time. But I've never been a five year plan guy. I just live one day, ", — the artist commented on his own words.

In other words, Brad Pitt did not think about the full completion of his career as an actor.

He also added that he would like to create something new and further .

“I am one of those who communicate through art. I just want to always create. And if I do nothing, then to a certain extent I die”,– noted Pitt.

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