Brad Pitt became the international advertising face of the Delonghi brand in Israel

 Brad Pitt becomes international brand ambassador for Delonghi in Israel

The Israeli company Brimag represents the international brand Delonghi. From now on, luxurious automatic coffee machines will be represented by Oscar-winning Brad Pitt. The 58-year-old actor was invited to participate in the Perfetto campaign under the slogan “A cafe at your home”.

Also this week, a campaign is launched in Israel through the advertising agency Yehoshua/TBWA with an investment of about 6 million shekels. We will see all this on TV channels 12, 13 and 9, and all sports channels, billboards, advertising in the press, and additional advertising at points of sale.

As part of the campaign, viewers get an idea of ​​everyday the life of Brad Pitt. The star cruises the California coast on his motorcycle, stops at a gas station to grab a supply of fresh coffee beans, and then returns home to enjoy a real cappuccino.

Delonghi's promotional film is unique in its quality and scale, shot at the level of a cinematic production and conveying a sense of authenticity. The main message of the Delonghi advertising campaign is that it is a family company whose success and development are based on the values ​​of entrepreneurship and credibility.

The choice of Brad Pitt for the international campaign — it is much more than working with a global icon. Pitt is a respected actor and producer, as well as an ardent supporter of eco-technologies, an art collector, a connoisseur of architecture and design. Above all,
Brad Pitt, despite being world famous, insists that he is an ordinary person, just like the rest of us. It conveys the values ​​of the Delonghi brand as an Italian brand connected to its roots, with Italian passion, harmony and elegance, and most importantly, accessibility around the world.
The cult brand is authentic at the same time, just like a Hollywood star who makes herself a simple and perfect cup coffee.

According to Yair Rosen, CEO of Brimag, the brand's importer in Israel: “The Israeli consumer is considered to be a connoisseur and understands the quality of coffee. We are seeing a dramatic increase in the purchase of home industrial machines that allow you to enjoy fresh ground coffee from fresh coffee beans at the same level and quality as if you were in a cafe.

In recent years in general, and due to the fact that people have been spending so much time at home due to corona, the consumer trend has shifted from capsules to freshly ground coffee that was ground a few minutes before the first sip.

In the new campaign, we emphasize the values ​​of the brand. Quality and prestige that lives up to the values ​​of Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt is a bold statement on an international level, sophisticated yet elegant.

Brad Pitt — American actor, film and television producer. Winner of the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award as a supporting actor. In addition, three films he has produced have won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Delonghi is considered the world leader in the sale of automatic coffee machines and sells over a million machines a year. In Israel, the company markets its products through Brimag, which operates the brand's unique Delonghi concept store in Tel Aviv and the Metro appliance chain.

Coffee machines are also sold in specialty stores and authorized retailers.

 Brad Pitt became international brand ambassador for Delonghi in Israel

 Brad Pitt became the international brand ambassador for Delonghi in Israel

 Brad Pitt became Delonghi's international brand ambassador in Israel

 Brad Pitt became the international advertising face of the Delonghi brand in Israel

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