Brad Pitt announced that he is going to retire from acting

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 Brad Pitt said he was going to retire from acting

Famous Hollywood actor Brad Pitto has announced the last stage of his creative career. Pitt talked a lot about exactly what his last moments in acting would be like. “I consider myself at my last breath, my last semester or trimester. What will be in this section? And how do I want to design it? – asks the actor.

One part of this big process was Pitt's study of his dreams. He keeps paper and a pen by his bed so he can write everything down as soon as he wakes up.” I found this to be very helpful. I'm curious about what happens when I'm not at the helm,” Pitt said.

According to the actor, for 4-5 years, most often he dreamed that someone would attack him with a knife.

"It was always at night, in the dark. I was walking along the sidewalk in the park or along the promenade, and when I passed under a street lamp, like an exorcist, someone jumped out of the abyss and plunged a knife into my ribs. Or I noticed that I was being followed, and then someone approached me from the side. I knew that I had fallen into a trap, and they intended to cause serious harm to me. Or I was chased around the house with a child that I would have helped to escape, but I was pinned down on the veranda and killed. Each time he was stabbed to death and woke up in horror,” Pitt recalls. , there's a lot of talk in California about “being your real self.” It would torment me, but what does “real” mean? For me, it meant acknowledging the deep scars that we have,” Pitt said.

The feeling that his career is coming to an end is one of the reasons why the actor is increasingly involved in producing. He not only supports young creators, but also promotes the films of already recognized film geniuses.

Also in this interview, Pitt shared an unusual problem – it is difficult for him to remember people's faces. The actor believes that he may suffer from prosopagnosia. This disease, known as facial blindness, manifests itself in the inability to recognize people's faces.

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