Brad Pitt admitted that he suffers from a serious illness

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 Brad Pitt admitted he was suffering from a serious illness

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt admitted to suffering from prosopagnosia for several years.

Prosopagnosia, or facial agnosia — a disorder of facial perception in which the ability to recognize faces is lost, but the ability to recognize objects in general is preserved.

Because of this, he often cannot recognize the faces of people with whom he is well behaved.

Pitt said that he was not officially diagnosed with the disease, so they often do not believe him.

“A lot of people hate me because they think I don't respect them. They also think that I offend the feelings of many people. For to hear: "You are an egoist. You are vain.” But I don't understand it. I just can't remember everyone”, – he said earlier in an interview with Esquire.

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