“Boycott a 5-year-old child! How long have we lived ?! “

& rdquo; Boycott 5-year-old! > </p>
<p> A strange incident took place in Maale Adumim. Parents of one of the kindergartens decided to boycott a 5-year-old child. The educators had nothing against this action. </p>
<p> Orel Zarzer, a 5-year-old boy, came with his dad to the kindergarten. The boy's dad, as usual, left the child to the caregivers and left. However, after half an hour he had to return for the boy. The father found his boy alone, sitting next to his teacher. It turned out that the parents of the children had boycotted Orel. </p>
<p> Moshe Zarzer, the child's father, was not surprised that the child has problems, the family knows about them, the behavior of the parents and educators was a surprise. “ If I knew that they would do this, I would not take the child to the garden, but I would take with me to work. '' According to the father, none of the parents approached him about any misunderstanding with his son, because there is a parent WhatsApp group, where you can clarify everything at any time. But no. What's more, the kindergarten teachers also reacted as if nothing had happened. '' Boycott 5-year-old! How long have we lived?! & Rdquo; – says Moshe. </p>
<p> On the way from school, Orel burst into tears and said that he no longer wanted to return to the kindergarten, because he had no friends there and he didn’t like it there. </p>
<p> Overwhelmed with feelings, my father wrote a post on social networks. Residents of Jerusalem expressed support for the family and the child, some even came to the boy with gifts.  </p>
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