Borscht is not “Russian soup”: Mila Kunis seriously disgraced

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 Borscht – not "Russian soup": Mila Kunis seriously disgraced

A real scandal erupts on the World Wide Web. And Mila Kunis provoked it, calling the legendary Ukrainian borscht “Russian soup”. This not only caused a storm of indignation, but also accusations against the Hollywood star, they say, she has a very low intelligence.

Even the fact that from the first day full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, it helps Ukraine a lot.

So, in an interview with Harper's BAZAAR, Mila Kunis talked about her diet and what her mother cooks for her. Ukrainian borscht and dumplings were included in her diet, but the actress called them Russian dishes.

"Russian food– it's always a lot of food. You can start with dumplings or dumplings. We can talk about borscht – Russian soup with beets. But if you don't like beets, don't eat them. Russians love smoked fish, fried fish or just fish. Russians, oh Ukrainians… We live in a time when I no longer know what to call myself, & ndash; Kunis said.

Network reaction to Mila Kunis:

“You can be born in Ukraine, raise $30 million in aid for Ukraine, and still not understand the difference between Russians and Ukrainians” ;

“Damn, I'm already sad”

"An unscrupulous animal who decided to promote Ukraine. A few years ago, Kunis tore her shirt off and proved to everyone that she had nothing to do with Ukraine and that she – Russian woman"

"There, apparently, there is a problem with the jaw, this bone presses on the other hemisphere. As if a person lives, does something there, helps, and forgets not to empty himself in the washbasin”

“A person with low intelligence. Just a shame"

How Mila Kunis supports Ukraine

As already noted, Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher actively support Ukraine with the first days of a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. In early March, the celebrity couple announced that they were launching a fundraiser to help Ukrainians, for which President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky personally thanked the celebrity couple.

They managed to raise $35 million, which was donated to the Flexport charity foundation. org and rental service, recalls UNIAN. With the help of these funds, refugees from Ukraine were able to provide free housing and medicines.

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