Book borrowed 84 years ago returned to UK library

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 A book borrowed 84 years ago was returned to the library in Britain< /p>

In the British suburb of Earlsdon, a local resident accidentally found a book on a shelf in his home, which her grandfather borrowed from the library 84 years ago and forgot to return. According to the Daily Mail, the fine cost the British £18. Richard Jeffreys book “Red Deer” Captain William Harrison borrowed from the library to read in 1838. Neither he nor his daughter returned the volume. Already after the death of his mother, the captain's grandson decided to sort out the contents of the shelf in the home library, when he was surprised to find an overdue book. "You don't see this every day. We got a copy of The Red Deer back Richard Jeffreys — overdue by only 84 years and two weeks,” — told in the library.

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