Bones of 'alien' hand found in Brazil – scientist identifies find

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 In Brazil, found the bones of the hand "alien" — the scientist identified the find

Leticia Gomes Santiago and her boyfriend Devanir Souza were walking along the coastline when they came across a strange object in the sand in Ilha Comprida, São Paulo state, Brazil on November 20 .

The couple were horrified by their discovery — due to the huge size and the large number of joints on the fingers, it was obvious that the hand did not belong to a person.

dinosaur, mermaid or alien. Then someone from the audience suggested taking the find to a biologist.

Marine biologist Eric Comyn said the unusual “hand” belonged to a cetacean, an aquatic mammal, but more tests are needed to positively identify the remains.

Based on appearance and state of decomposition, the biologist said the cetacean probably died at sea about 18 months ago. Komyn said that judging by the size of the bones, the “hand” probably belonged to a dolphin, especially since they are commonly found in the region.

The biologist added that anyone who finds animal remains on the beach , is to notify the regional environmental agency, the Cananeya Research Institute (IPEC).

IPEC spokesman Enrique Chupiy, confirmed that the skeleton is likely that of a cetacean, and said marine animal remains tend to be left on the beach, “so as not to interfere with the nutrient cycle of the ecosystem.”

“Where there is some scientific interest, we collect them for research. If they are recently deceased animals, we perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death,” — Chupiy added.

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