Bomb threat on flight Tel Aviv-Krakow

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 Explosion threat on Tel Aviv-Krakow flight

Israeli media reports that Wizz Air flight W65098 Tel Aviv-Krakow was evacuated due to a bomb threat on board.

Passengers were evacuated through emergency hatches. Children were injured during the evacuation.

Passengers are standing on the runway without any representatives from the airport or anyone else helping them.

According to passengers, the plane took off with some delay and arrived in Krakow around 22:30. He was put in a remote lane. The flight attendants said through the public address system that there may be a bomb on board and an urgent evacuation is needed. The passengers were quickly evacuated through the escape hatches without their luggage.

Passengers stood by the plane without any action from Wizz Air or the airport.

Each passenger was searched by police and sniffer dogs.

At the moment, there is no information about the discovery of a bomb in the plane.

Passengers say that the airport is in complete chaos, there are no representatives of the airline, and they still have not received their luggage.

There are currently no comments from representatives of Wizz Air, Israel and Poland.

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