Bolsonaro's ex-justice minister arrested in Brazilian capital

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 Former Minister of Justice of the Bolsonaro government arrested in the Brazilian capital

Former Brazilian Justice Minister Anderson Torres, who was in charge of public security in Brasilia during the invasion of government buildings a week ago, was arrested in the capital on Saturday on suspicion of “inaction” and “connivance.”

Torres was arrested after returning to Brazil on Saturday. He was on vacation in Florida, the same US state where former right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro traveled after losing last year's elections.

Demosthenes Torres, one of Torres' lawyers, confirmed the arrest to Reuters.

The ex-minister said on Thursday that the evidence presented by the police was taken out of context when this week his house was ransacked.
Brazilian Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes issued an arrest warrant for Torres on Tuesday.

Federal Police Director General Andrei Rodriguez said earlier in the week that “various omissions , allegedly deliberate, allowed by persons responsible for public security in the Federal District, contributed to the practice of terrorist acts.

On Thursday, the Brazilian police found a draft decree in the house of Torres, which, they say, was a proposal to interfere with the results of the October elections, which Bolsonaro lost to Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Upon learning of the detention order, Anderson Torres tweeted on Tuesday that he would cut short his vacation and return to Brazil, to surrender to the authorities.

Justice Minister Flavio Dino gave Torres time to return until Monday, after which he promised to start the extradition procedure.

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