Boeing tested the engines of a spaceship Cockpit

Boeing испытала двигатели космического корабля Starliner

The test proved the ability of the apparatus to maneuver in space.

The Boeing company has successfully completed ground tests of the engines of his spaceship CST-100 Cockpit.

Test firing of all elements of the locomotor system was carried out at NASA test site in new Mexico, writes the online edition of the with reference to

Boeing reports. that the tests proved the ability of the apparatus to maneuver in space. The tests took place at the stand of the NASA White Sands where team Boeing successfully launched the engines of the ship more than two dozen times.

Engineers ran thruster CST-100 Cockpit 19 times to simulate maneuvers that the vehicle will have to perform in space. In addition, according to private aerospace company, engines Cockpit was run ten times to simulate a critical system dumping height.

Also the test was carried out the activation of the emergency rescue system on both large and at low altitude. The company says that all tests were passed flawlessly.

“Because the safety of our astronauts comes first in all that we do, this successful testing proves that the system will operate correctly and ensure the safety Cockpit and the crew for all phases of flight. This is the path for the upcoming test reset pad and fly to the International space station and at the end of this year,” said Vice-President of the commercial crew program Boeing’s John Mulholland.

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According to recent reports, Boeing plans to conduct test launch of the spacecraft, the CST-100 Cockpit unmanned this summer. Piloted the launch of two NASA astronauts, as well as Boeing test pilot on Board to be held towards the end of this year.

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