Body camera video: neutralizing a terrorist in Jerusalem

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 Body camera video: neutralizing a terrorist in Jerusalem

On Sunday, October 23, a police officer managed to stop a Palestinian terrorist. The attacker turned out to be a Palestinian teenager who allegedly stabbed and seriously injured an Israeli in East Jerusalem on Saturday.

Footage from the police officer's body camera shows him chasing the suspect across a soccer field in the Sheikh Jarrah area, where dozens of Arab children were training. The teenager did not respond to the request to stop, and the officer had to continue the pursuit.
At some point, the suspect turned around with an object in his hand, which, as it turned out later, turned out to be a knife sheath, and rushed at the policeman. The officer fired and the young man fell to the ground.

“I saw him running with some object in his hand, and there were a lot of civilians in the area, there was a threat to their lives”, — said the officer in a video message released by the police.

The Jerusalem District Police Chief approved of the officer's actions. “The police officer who neutralized the terrorist showed vigilance and determination … Accurate shooting helped to neutralize the terrorist and prevent harm to innocent people, — said Doron Turgeman.
The suspect, identified as 16-year-old Muhammad Abu Qutaish from the Palestinian Authority city of Anata, was taken to the Hadassah Ha ha Tzofim hospital in serious condition.

an Israeli man was severely stabbed in a park in the Givat Hamivtar district, near Shuafat. The victim was operated on on Saturday at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

Police said that on Saturday evening in Anata, police arrested two relatives of the attacker, his father and brother. The police added that the Palestinians threw stones at them, leaving three officers slightly injured.

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