Bnei Brak “woman hunter” caught


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About two weeks ago, Channel 12 journalists publicized the illegal actions of 60-year-old Bnei Brak resident Kobe Cohen, who was hunting young “ ultra-Orthodox women ''.

As a result of the investigation, women were found who spoke about what they went through in Cohen's apartment, who was subsequently arrested, interrogated and issued a warning.

Hoodia and Michal (pseudonyms) were both minors while Cohen allegedly pursued them. Bypassing household chores, for which he actually hired them, Cohen immediately switched to sexual innuendoes with the words: “ Don't worry. ''

However, the girls were able to film the incident and warn other women.

The investigation also prompted other women who worked at Cohen's home to share what they went through in the same apartment in Bnei Brak … One of them is Shira Gabay, who was only 13 years old when Cohen pestered her.

& ldquo; He just took off his pants and I was numb, not knowing what to do. I couldn't stop shaking. ”

Shira could not tell her parents about what had happened – she was ashamed. In the end, she called Cohen and said that she would go to the police, to which he began to threaten her: “ If you go to the police, I will bury you. ''

Shira Geva, also watched the progress of the investigation and decided to testify. “ In my case, he was very smart. He asked me if I know what a male body looks like under clothes. ”

Although the police initially closed the cases, the women decided that this time they would not be silent anymore. Last week, Channel 12 journalists accompanied the victims to the Bnei Brak police station, where they filed a complaint against Cohen.

It can now be reported that the police have opened an investigation, arrested Cohen and interrogated him under oath. Investigators intend to conduct face-to-face confrontations.

Once the evidence is gathered, a decision will be made on whether to charge Cohen with sexual harassment and incitement to prostitution of minors.

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