Blues for everyone

Blues for all

Good music is forever, and there is never too much of it. This is what all fans of the work of one of the most famous and talented bluesmen, Yevgeny Margulis, can say. That is why both new spectators and those who do not miss the performances of this musician come to his concerts.

Yevgeny Margulis has been performing on the Israeli stage for a long time and with pleasure, sometimes with solo acoustic concerts, sometimes with his friends. musicians.

Spectators of the concerts on November 23 and 24 in Haifa and Tel Aviv will be lucky, as the best jazz musicians of Israel will appear on the stage with Margulis & ndash; guitarist Yevgeny Pisak and saxophonist Larsen Davydov.

Each performance of the famous bluesman is not only music, but also communication with the audience. Who has been, knows that Margulis is an unsurpassed storyteller with a great sense of humor, and he has enough stories, tales and memories for a full-fledged stand-up.

The arrival of performers of this level to Israel & ndash; always an event, and miss the opportunity to get to the performance of an artist known from the television “ Kvartirniki '' and many years of participation in the group “ Time Machine '', & ndash; It means not to give yourself great musical pleasure.

Concerts will be held in Tel Aviv and Haifa.
Entry – both by the Tav bright certificate and by the PCR test.
Tel Aviv: Klyachkin Hall Eretz Israel Museum, st. Haim Levanon, 2, Ramat Aviv.
Haifa: Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art Concert Hall, st. HaNasi, 89.
Tickets on the link: https: //
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