Bloody family drama in Moscow. Details

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 Bloody family drama in Moscow. Details

A man killed his sister and then set fire to the apartment. The criminal's motives still remain a mystery.

New details of the brutal massacre in the southwest of Moscow have emerged. A woman killed by her brother left her husband and 12-year-old child in Petersburg.
She lived in two cities. According to family acquaintances, the killer was a man of eccentricities. One of her relatives said that he had a mental disorder. What exactly made the man shoot his mother and sister is still unknown.

The incident on Dmitry Ulyanov Street took place on the afternoon of January 8th. There was a loud sound on the 14th floor, glass flew out, after which a fire started. Footage published on social networks shows that thick black smoke is pouring from the cones. Rescuers evacuated four residents with the help of bystanders.
“The explosion is very strong. <…> The window blew out so fast I thought it was gas. Apotom realized that in principle we don’t have gas in the house, & mdash; Tatyana said.

“The cape employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, it turns out, ran around the floors and took people out. Some were asleep at that moment. They went out sleepy, did not understand what was happening, & mdash; Daniel shared with journalists.
At the moment, investigators continue to find out the details of the murder.

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