Blogger Sasha Pustovit suspected of breast augmentation

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Blogger Sasha Pustovit was suspected of breast augmentation

The celebrity boasted of a chest and a wasp waist.

The famous Ukrainian blogger Sasha Pustovi t, she is < strong> Sasha Bo, decided to show off her forms, reports with reference to TSN.

The Network star, recently reacted to an interview with her husband Igor, whom she is getting divorced, seems to be ready for a new happy stage in her life. So, on his Instagram page, a celebrity posted a seductive photo where she posed on the floor in beige underwear. The 26-year-old beauty with flowing hair boasted a firm bust, hips and a wasp waist.

 Blogger Sasha Pustovit was suspected of breast augmentation

In a post, Sasha shared that after the scandal she pulled herself together and continues to live to the fullest.

& # 171; Once I watched an interview with Zhanna Badoeva, in which she talked about painful periods in life and how to get through them. It is important to give everything a time limit: a day/2 weeks/three months to suffer, cry or lie on the couch with a sour face. This is fine. But it is very important then to pull yourself together and no longer look back, without showing weakness. So, the deadline has expired & # 187 ;, – she wrote.

 Blogger Sasha Pustovit was suspected of breast augmentation

However, many users paid attention to the blogger's breasts. So, the followers suspected that Pustovit did mammoplasty.

  • New breasts?
  • Is it visible with the naked eye
  • It is very noticeable that mammoplasty was done
  • Big breasts, or did it seem to me?

For her part, Sasha has not yet commented on these messages. But in the photographs published in August this year, the blogger's bust is indeed significantly smaller.

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