Blogger has conducted a crash test of the new iPad Pro 2020: look hurt

Блогер провів краш-тест нового iPad Pro 2020: дивитися боляче

iPad Pro 2020 was not too strong

Apple gadgets often become the heroes of video with a full disassembly or test of resistance to extreme influences. The author of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, which fell into the hands of the 11-inch iPad Pro (2020), have combined both approaches in a single video.

To reach “inner peace” iPad Pro 2020, it is pre-broke it.

Before disassembling the author of the video checked by tablet strength: as it turned out, the aluminum housing of the device can be bent without much effort, damaging the display. When the blogger was dismantled cracked, it drew attention to the fact that the cell under the battery, the new model is smaller than the previous model. As the capacity of the battery, which was 7540 mAh.

Probably developers had to “shrink” the interior of the apparatus, to make room for the camera module, in which the new revision received 3D scanner LiDAR, in addition to the main 12-megapixel sensor and support for 10 MP with wide-angle lens. This combo allows you to capture high quality images and superposed on the image realistic AR effects.

The motherboard that was not removed during disassembly, visually almost no different from the one installed in the tablet 2018, with the exception model of the processor, the new device has received an eight-core chip Apple A12Z.

Summing up the showdown, the blogger noted that the iPad Pro is easier to repair when compared with its predecessor.

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