Blogger caused consternation among subscribers Christmas “magical” recipe

Subscribers women were terrified.

Блогер викликала жах у передплатників різдвяним "чаклунським" рецептом

In a personal blog on the YouTube channel American blogger Katie reed published a video with the recipe of your favorite Christmas meals, reports Rus.Media. Subscribers women were terrified.

In the video, filmed the process of making salad: “Salad 7 Up”. According to Katie, love it, the dish looks quite nice. To prepare the salad you must boil carbonated water, continuing to keep it on the fire need to add lime marmalade and marshmallow, then let the mixture freeze. Further interferes with soft Philadelphia cheese, cocktail cherries, ananasami puree, whipped cream. In the end, all mayonnaise.

Subscribers in their reviews have called this invention a “sin”, “dark witchcraft” and “horrible salad in the world.” One of them noted that “the green mass of sugar and fat can hardly be called a salad.”

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