Blogger blew up his Tesla with Musk's dummy inside

Blogger blew up his Tesla with a dummy Mask inside

Finnish blogger Tuomas Katainen blew up a Tesla car with Elon Musk's dummy inside because of expensive car repairs.

According to Insideevs, blogger was outraged by the too expensive repair of Tesla electric cars and decided to take drastic measures.

The blogger's car has a damaged battery, he bought the car almost eight years ago, which means that the warranty no longer applies to it. The repair would have cost him 20 thousand euros. The man decided that it would be more profitable for him to just destroy the car than to repair it.

He decided to say goodbye to the car effectively – he put a dummy in the form of the head of Tesla Elon Musk on board, blew up the car and filmed it.

For detonation, he used 30 kilograms of explosives.

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