Blinken called on Israelis and Palestinians to 'stop the wave of violence'

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 Blinken called on Israelis and Palestinians to

After landing in Tel Aviv, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken urged Israelis and Palestinians not to stir up tensions.

The Times of Israel reports.

“Everyone has a responsibility to take steps to reduce tensions, not fuel them. This is the only way to stop the rising tide of violence that has claimed too many lives, too many Israelis, too many Palestinians,” Blinken said.< br />
Also, the US representative condemned the terrorist attack in Jerusalem: “We condemn this in the strongest terms. We condemn all those who glorify these and any other terrorist acts that take the lives of civilians, regardless of who is the victim or what they believe. Calls for revenge on more innocent victims is not the answer. And acts of retaliatory violence against civilians are never justified.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen spoke with Blinken about the importance of working together to end Iran's nuclear program and recognize the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as allies terrorist organization.

“I thank the Secretary of State for America's commitment to regional stability, for the unequivocal message against terrorism he delivered immediately after landing in Israel, for his willingness to work to expand the Abraham Accords… and continue a decisive front against Iran,” Cohen said.

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