Blinken before Congress reported on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and confirmed the willingness of the United States to support Kiev

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 Blinken reported to Congress on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and confirmed the US readiness to support Kiev

Washington intends to fully fulfill its obligations to Ukraine .

US Secretary of State Tony Blinken addressed the House of Representatives on September 13. He explained the White House's policy of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, reports with reference to Channel 24.

Among other things, Blinken remembered about Ukraine. & Nbsp; He answered questions about the fulfillment of the US obligations to its allies.

The US will fulfill its obligations to Ukraine

Washington intends to fully fulfill its obligations to Ukraine in & nbsp; This was announced on September 13 by the United States Secretary of State Anthony & nbsp; Blinken .

  • He & nbsp; spoke & nbsp; at a hearing in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress (broadcast by the C-SPAN channel, & nbsp; which traditionally shows government events).

The main topic of the report was the problems arising from- for the withdrawal of American troops from & nbsp; Afghanistan . & nbsp; However, they remembered in the conversation about Ukraine

& # 171; There people are scared to death & # 187;

As noted in & nbsp; & # 171; RBC-Ukraine & # 187;, Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick asked the State Department spokesman:

  • Does the Joe Biden administration intend to do everything possible to & nbsp; support & # 171; friends in Ukraine & nbsp; in case of Russian aggression and friends in Taiwan, subject to Chinese aggression & # 187 ;.

The & nbsp; Daily Caller & nbsp; clarified that Fitzpatrick was quite accented in expressions:

  • He, they say, just returned from Ukraine, and later will go to Taiwan, and people there & nbsp; & # 171; scared to death & # 187; US withdrawal from Afghanistan & nbsp; and & # 171; doubts the readiness of & # 187; Americans to support Kiev.

To all this, Anthony Blinken's answer was:

Absolutely. & Nbsp; We will fulfill our obligations. & Nbsp; We will fulfill our obligations to Taiwan, according to the law on relations with Taiwan. & Nbsp; We will fulfill our obligations to Ukraine.

& # 171; Taking into account those that US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed about two weeks ago & # 187; – the Secretary of State specified.

  • By the way, recently in Ukraine there are more and more appeals & nbsp; for the US to be more actively involved in negotiations with Russia on the Donbass. & Nbsp; And the White House, it seems, & nbsp; does not mind.

For, in fact, Afghanistan, & nbsp; as writes & nbsp; & # 171; Radio Liberty & # 187; & nbsp; Blinken emphasized what the White House has already said before:

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  • Hard efforts, but the evacuation of people was successful.
  • And the US troops had to withdraw, because 20 years of efforts and billions of spent dollars have not led to anything.
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