Black Market Police Raid: Exotic and Dangerous Animals Confiscated

News » Incidents Police raid on black market: exotic and dangerous animals confiscated

The Nature and Parks Authority said on Tuesday that several prohibited species of turtles, snakes and newts were seized by Israel police and the Nature and Parks Authority during a raid on a black market in Jerusalem.

The seized animals are worth tens of thousands of shekels. Some of them pose a danger to humans and the environment, may be carriers of zoonotic diseases, are invasive species, or were simply very rare and exotic animals smuggled into the country.

Some of the rescued animals were for sale, while others were owned by individuals.

“Thanks to the cooperation of the Israeli police and the Magawa, we were able to apprehend a breeder who illegally kept a large number of animals, some of which were kept in appalling conditions,” — Yaniv Shalom, a spokesman for the National Wildlife Crime Prevention Unit of the Nature and Parks Authority, said.

He added that the suspect has been taken in for questioning and a criminal investigation will be launched against him, and the animals found in poor condition

  • The red-eared slider turtle is a species of turtle notorious for being one of the most aggressive invasive species in the world.


  • Albino turtle
  • Snakes belonging to the genus Boiga, also known as cat snakes or cat-eyed snakes.
  • Newts

There are various types of reptiles and amphibians that can be legally sold or kept by private individuals, and a list of them is available on the Nature and Parks Authority website.

However, Shalom confirmed that it is important that sellers have a valid commercial permission about Nature and park management to keep the animals in good condition.

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