Bitcoins: the future of the stock market will be determined after the launch of the ETF

Курс биткоина: будущее крипторынка определится после запуска ETF

The bitcoin exchange rate on 23 January 2019 Wednesday, caught on the 3600 dollars per coin. The future of bitcoin should be resolved in the near future.

Total market capitalization of crypto currency is at the level of 120,844 billion. Capitalization of bitcoin has grown to 63,220 billion.

On Tuesday 22 January, as of 20:00, bitcoin exchange rate BTC/USD is at a level of 3598 dollars. Bitcoin price increased by $ 40 in comparison with yesterday.

Курс биткоина: будущее крипторынка определится после запуска ETF

Approaching the date when you will be approved the launch of the ETF, and therefore the exchange rate of bitcoin is still low, and the whole stock market in General continues to fall. The main cryptocurrency was able to win the day, a smaller percentage of its value and get closer to the mark 3600.

According to experts, the decision for ETF will necessarily be accepted as transfer again to run not because of the shutdown in the US. After this, the market expect a reversal and growth of bitcoin.

Курс биткоина: будущее крипторынка определится после запуска ETF

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The exchange rate of the cryptocurrency in the top ten for the day showed a decline, though slight. Bitcoin Cash fell for a day at 0.94% and reached $ 121 USD. Ripple decreased by 1.94% to 0.3148 dollar. Ethereum dropped 0.95 percent to 115 dollars per coin. Bitcoin Gold fell for a day at 1.88%, one coin on offer cryptomeria 11.15 USD.

In the end, the capitalization of the Ripple decreased to 12.8 billion dollars, the capitalization of Ethereum down to the level of 12 billion dollars, Bitcoin Cash – up to $ 2.1 billion, EOS – up to $ 2.1 billion.

Курс биткоина: будущее крипторынка определится после запуска ETF

The bitcoin exchange rate on 23 Jan 2019

As reported, one of the founders of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin compared the adherents of the “single coin” on the cryptocurrency market with “dictators”. In his opinion, the arguments and the language used “cryptologically” are very similar to those tools used by the dictators against the political opposition.

His opponents, in turn, assured that if the cryptocurrency market established monopoly, it will be the greatest achievement. Because the bitcoin monopoly is to promote technical developments that will reduce fees and will be more convenient for users. Acne Buterin however, believes that the future market where there are many cryptocurrencies.

Recall that crypto-currencies will be promoted through Hollywood announced the new show.

As reported Politeka created currency-the bitcoin killer.

Also Politeka wrote that the hacker accidentally almost destroyed bitcoin: an anomaly in the world of cryptocurrency.

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