“Birds” will catch together with the police: details of the new initiative in Kiev

«Зайцев» будут отлавливать вместе с полицией: подробности новой инициативы в Киеве

Kyivpastrans decided to catch “hares” groups consisting of employees of the CP, called the inspectors and officers of national police

Thursday, January 17, it was decided by the leadership of the CP “kievpasstrans” to resume joint patrols controllers together with representatives of the National police on the routes of public transport.

«Зайцев» будут отлавливать вместе с полицией: подробности новой инициативы в Киеве

“Such measures will not only protect our passengers and employees from aggressive offenders, but will be the shield of justice in the resolution of conflict situations”, – says the press service of the Ministry in Facebook.

This decision was made because of regular daily situations involving gross violations of the rules of public transport.

Were among incidents and such, when a passenger refuses to pay the fare, beat conductor, and then tried to escape. About this incident in KP “Kyivpastrans” mentioned, saying that the violation was recorded on Tuesday, January 15.

That day two controllers 22-year-old woman and 26 – year-old man went to stop the plant “Promsvyaz” the trolley bus number 27 and started checking travel documents.

The woman-the inspector asked one of the passengers show matured a ticket. Instead, he said that he did not know where his ticket. He began to move toward the exit, refusing to pay the fine for ticketless travel.

«Зайцев» будут отлавливать вместе с полицией: подробности новой инициативы в Киеве

It is noted that the controller-man blocked “hare” out, and when he tried to jump out, stopped him. Then the intruder was hit in the face of the conductor is the man and, grabbing hold of the railing, and began to beat feet in the back.

The woman driver called the police and blocked the door of the trolley.

Earlier it was reported that in a press-service KP “Kyivpastrans” announced that Kiev residents have to register their trip on public transport.

The registration procedure takes much time and effort: you simply hold the “Card of Kiev” to the validator and wait for the beep. If someone saw “zradu,” don’t jump to conclusions, because the service is absolutely free.

If preferential “Card of Kiev” not to register, it does not entitle you to free travel. The company also noted that the number of concessionary trips during the year not limited. Benefits previously provided by the state, remain unchanged.

We will remind, in Kiev the driver of a minibus inhuman did Atoshnik: “Bandera crust”.

As reported Politeka, was disclosed by the cunning scheme of the Metropolitan government regarding the cost of travel in Kiev, it turned out that we were all deceived.

Also Politeka wrote that Kiev is forced to say goodbye to the familiar tokens in the subway.

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