Bilyk was eclipsed by the young “rival”: the Lost around her

Билык затмила молодая "соперница": Потерялась рядом с ней

Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk was seen near the brunette, and together they prepared a surprise for fans

Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk and Olga Rokicka presented a joint clip for the song “Girlfriend”, which was filmed in Kiev.

This song is about a strong female friendship, about the ability not only to hang out and laugh and support in difficult times. That is why the slogan of the song was the phrase #nepodrazaema.

A Director made famous for its unusual ideas Winiarska Lena, who came up with interesting and unexpected images of the artist. Both the singer appears in the clip in street style and it definitely will surprise their fans.

Билык затмила молодая "соперница": Потерялась рядом с ней

Билык затмила молодая "соперница": Потерялась рядом с ней

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Show business

Especially for the shooting was established scenery: Irina Bilyk had to climb the specially built ladder, despite the fact that the singer is afraid of heights.

In addition, it was used 50 huge mirror panels that created the illusion of dividing space.

Fans are very positive about the new video artists.

“About anything. From Rakitskiy no energy. Even the Ira is lost and pales next to her”, “Still liked this song when Olga performed her one! Glad she’s back in the news) the real story!”, “Great song!. The girls are gorgeous. And everyone who condemns the clip I want to say) — There are songs when no clips will not be able to decorate them. They do not try. The song still remains much higher)”, “Touches — not so had to end Your Story!!! Well done!!!”.

Билык затмила молодая "соперница": Потерялась рядом с ней

Also been previously reported. the Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk has shared with fans his love for the mysterious man Leonid.

Popular Ukrainian singer Iryna Bilyk presented a few unusual song in the style of chanson, which he dedicated to all Leonidas.

The artist also released a video for the song “Leonid, Leonid,” which was published on the official YouTube channel of the artist.

The author of the song was Irina Bilyk. The Director of the video — Vlad Raikowski, known for his work with many Ukrainian artists. The shooting lasted a little less than a day and took place in one of capital restaurants.

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