Billie Eilish confessed why she doesn't wear dresses

Billie Eilish confessed why she doesn't wear dresses

Popular singer Billie Eilish told Vogue why she didn't wear feminine dresses for a long time. According to the singer, as a child she had so many dresses that she wore them every day, but then everything changed.

According to Eilish, this was due to the loss of confidence in how she looks body.

“This is really the perception of the body that ruined everything … That's why I think I dress the way I have been dressing for many years,” the singer shared.

Billie Eilish is known for her streetwear style: sneakers, oversized T-shirts and hiding shorts. However, the singer recently starred in a candid photo session in lingerie, which angered fans. Fans accused Billie Eilish of using her sexuality, including to promote her new album.

At the same time, many were struck by Billie Eilish's image at the Met Gala: the singer appeared in a luxurious feminine the dress. British Vogue stylist Dan Gianini noted that the style of the star is evolving. Madonna also spoke in support of Billie Eilish, who emphasized that a woman has the right to wear whatever she wants.

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