Bill Murray golfing extravaganza drank tequila fans

Білл Мюррей під час гольфу феєрично випив текілу фанатки

Network again delighted with bad boy bill Murray

Famous actor bill Murray visited the Golf tournament, which managed not only to cheat, but to drink a shot of tequila. The fans again in awe!

69-year-old American actor bill Murray recently participated in the Golf tournament Pebble Beach Pro-Am in Northern California. And all anything, but the star of “Groundhog Day” managed to twice to force the fans to squeak with delight.

First, he missed and didn’t hit the hole, and then he decided to finish the ball, though it is against the rules.

And then one of the fans suggested the bill in a plastic Cup with tequila and actor magically drank the drink and lost the Cup. Although the actor is smajlova and threw the glass on the lawn that is too nice and harmless, but fans still loved him.

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