Bill Gates again predicted a new pandemic

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 Bill Gates again predicted a new pandemic

Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced the possibility of a new pandemic in the next 20 years with a probability of 50%, and it will not be monkeypox.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that humanity has a 50% chance of encountering a new pandemic in the next 20 years.

According to the billionaire, the pandemic “may come from a virus that we already know.” Gates suggested that it could be a type of flu, a different type of coronavirus, but “it could be something else.” The billionaire noted that if a new pandemic occurs due to the flu virus, this will allow humanity to quickly receive treatment and a vaccine.

“This could be a human-made virus, a bioterrorist who developed it and deliberately . Or it could be something that comes out of the natural world,” Gates suggested in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Diario.

In his opinion, the outbreak of monkeypox in Europe will not lead to a new pandemic.

To combat the new pandemic, the entrepreneur proposes the creation of a “global epidemic response and mobilization team.” This would require a 25% increase in the budget of the World Health Organization, the billionaire said.

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