“Big Brother Vip 6”, nominated by Amedeo, Davide and Raffaella

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“Big Brother Vip 6”, nominated by Amedeo, Davide and Raffaella

We start with Alfonso teasing the Fox and Bruganelli, also showing the plane dedicated to the Fox, after which we immediately move on to the House. Turning to Manila, Signorini renews her best wishes for the years just made and reminds her how some really … bizarre things have happened at her party. And the video starts showing what happened. From wild dances to the kiss between Nicola and Miriana.

KATIA’S ANGER – First of all, however, we must face the harsh outburst of Katia, who complained about the hypocrisy of many competitors. In particular of Miriana, who denied the kiss with Nicola. Trevisan justifies herself by saying that that was a kiss in the mold, so nothing important. Ricciarelli doesn’t want to “be taken for a ride” and says she “doesn’t want lying people” around her. Even threatening to leave.

THE TOOTH OF CIPRIANI – We face a truly “dramatic” event that happened in recent days … Francesca has lost a temporary tooth, this one fell into the tiramisu and Nicola … if she found it in her mouth.

LULU ‘AND MANUEL, A COMPLICATED RELATIONSHIP – Despite the attempt to clarify the last episode, the relationship between the two has not improved. On the contrary. Bortuzzo evidently tries to put some space between himself and Lulu, especially after some scenes of baseless jealousy (especially for Sophie), and the girl suffers a lot. Signorini intervenes in defense of the boy, inviting Lulu to respect Manuel’s will. Signorini tries to spice things up by asking Manuel if he likes Sophie a little, he replies without hesitation that “she’s a beautiful girl but he doesn’t care”. Carmen and Manila also tell Lulu not to force her hand.

AMEDEO AND THE ALLEGED PATERNITY – In the last episode, Amedeo was shown photos of his girlfriend showing a suspicious tummy. The reporter has been on edge ever since. Obviously, the news also made people talk inside the House. Amedeo also showed great concern that at 67 he would feel more like a grandfather than a father. Signorini invites him to go to the garden where, freezing, he can meet Vera. She is in tears, says she is not pregnant, but is proven by the fact that “there is a war outside” and not to make it. She complains that he may have doubted her and says he put on a white dress to show her purity. “Why do you say we are friends? We are not friends!”. Unlocked Amedeo says he loves her, “my way”, with “my defects, my age”.

THE COMMENTS OF THE HOUSE – Signorini launches a clip showing the comments made by some of the tenants on the matter these days. In particular Aldo, Alex and Soleil did not spare any poisons on Vera, assuming that she wanted to play on this thing. Vera now has a chance to take on all of them and faces them badly. “When you don’t know something, don’t comment,” he says. Carmen retorts that if it had happened to her she would have told her man. Vera also takes it out on Amedeo who did not defend her.

SUN, GIANMARIA E SOPHIE – Soleil is called to the confessional to attend Alfonso’s discussion with Gianmaria and Sophie. A video is shown in which Gianmaria passes from the encounter-confrontation with his girlfriend Greta to an increasingly close and partly physical relationship, with Sophie, to the point of finding herself sleeping in the same bed. And in all this Soleil laughs … Sophie wants to explain the thing about the bed, saying that they are a bit ‘the ones without a bed and therefore it was a random “split”. Gianmaria for her part says that with the girl there is only a beautiful friendship. Actually Sophie points out that there was a flirting game, but when she realized it could lead to an interest she wanted to back off. Soleil then enters the scene and openly accuses Sophie of strategy. A bickering starts which sees Gianmaria as a spectator. When Alfonso asks him if he’s on Soleil’s side or Sophie’s, he says he’s “absolutely” on Sophie’s side.

THE ANGER OF GRETA – Gianmaria is shown a video of his girlfriend who did not take the closeness between him and Sophie very well. She is angry and openly speaks of “disrespect”. He reiterates that there is nothing with Sophie that goes beyond friendship.

THE TELEVOTO AT THE FINAL RUSH – Alfonso officially closes the televoting. The most voted by the public will be immune and will have the fate of the other two in hand, condemning one to televoting.

AN UNEXPECTED VISIT FOR MIRIANA – Miriana is summoned to Mystery. She does not know but is about to receive a visit from her ex-husband Pago. He is in the garden walking nervously. He is asked to hide while waiting for Miriana to arrive. When he arrives she is frozen and he goes out. Pago tells her how much she is followed and loved by her family. Signorini asks Pago why they don’t remarry again. He replies that “we’re so happy that we don’t want to ruin anything”. The exciting meeting ends with a gift from Pago to Miriana: in the confessional waiting for her is the stuffed animal their son Nicola grew up with.

THE JOKE TO FRANCESCA – Cipriani is called to the confessional while Montano, who has shown that he knows how to imitate her boyfriend Alessandro very well, will have to pretend to be him and still be in the House. But the joke is soon discovered. On the other hand for Francesca there is a life-size blow-up of Alessandro.

THE VERDICT – It’s time to understand who was the most voted between Gianmaria, Miriana and Raffaella. The public preferred Miriana. But now the difficulty comes for her: she has to choose who between Gianmaria and Raffaella must go to televoting. And she decides for Fico “because she wants to go back to her life”. In reality, when questioned by Signorini, Raffaella does not seem so convinced that she wants to leave …

MANILA AND HIS LOVE FOR LORENZO – A clip is shown in which Nazzaro talks about her relationship with Lorenzo Amoruso. How she found a family with him and felt that her life was repaid for her previous suffering. But also of his fears that the removal for the Gf could affect the balance we had found. Alfonso tells her to go to the ship of love. She is greeted by many heart-shaped balloons and a box with a gift … But first there is a video message from Lorenzo for her that confirms his love and invites her to stay calm. Since the gift is … a nice set of things to clean the house!

THE PALESI NOMINATIONS – We start with Raffaella mentioning Davide’s name. Instead he mentions the name of Francesca. The Princesses vote for Amedeo who also takes the vote of Sophie as well as that of Giucas. Francesca returns the nomination to Davide, while Gianmaria chooses Jo. Carmen names Amedeo, who instead names Davide. Jo Squillo closes and names Amedeo.

THE SECRET NOMINATIONS – Alex begins appointing Gianmaria, as does Soleil. Manuel arrives in the confessional and votes for Amedeo. Ainett names Davide, the same name also made by Aldo. It is then up to Manila to appoint Amedeo. Nicola mentions Carmen’s name. Katia instead votes Gianmaria. Miriana closes, for yet another vote to Amedeo. To go to the televoting will therefore be Amedeo, Davide and Raffaella.

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