Biden: We are far from a two-state solution

Biden: We are far from a two-state solution

US President Joe Biden, during his speech at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, spoke about the Arab-Israeli conflict, noting that the situation is far from a two-state solution. This will be reported by KAN.

“Our support for an independent Jewish state is obvious, but I continue to support the two-state solution. We are far from this goal, but we must not miss the chance for progress, ”Biden stressed.

In addition, the US President said a few words about the nuclear threat posed by Iran. He said that the United States will do everything to prevent Iran from receiving nuclear weapons.

“We do not want a new Cold War or the division of the world into blocs. The United States is ready to work with any peace-loving country, even if we disagree in other areas. We are working on a return to the nuclear deal, and we are ready to return to full compliance with the agreement if Iran does the same, ”Joe Biden said.

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