Biden sent CIA director to Moscow because of the accumulation of troops near the borders of Ukraine

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 Biden sent the CIA director to Moscow because of the concentration of troops near the borders of Ukraine

The visit of the CIA director to Russia is a rather rare occurrence.

US President Joseph Biden sent CIA Director Bill Burns to Moscow. According to American media reports, on behalf of President Burns must warn the Kremlin that the United States is closely monitoring the accumulation of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine, reports with reference to Channel 24.

The publication notes that the visit of the CIA director to Russia is a rather rare occurrence. There he met with high-ranking representatives of the special services involved in the war with Ukraine.

The United States is in control of the situation

According to media reports, the main and perhaps the only reason for the trip was that the United States is more and more concerned the irregular movement of Russian troops and equipment near the Ukrainian border.

As the newspaper writes, in the administration of Joe Biden, assessments of Russia's motives diverged. Some expect Moscow to launch a full-scale invasion soon, while others will reassure that Russia is only trying to intimidate Ukraine.

Sources also told CNN that after his meetings in Russia, Burns spoke on the phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, trying to relieve tension caused by & # 171; saber rattling & # 187; from Russia.

Russia's pulling up troops to the border with Ukraine: the main thing

  • Journalists of The Washington Post published materials in which they noted that Russia & nbsp; is again building up its troops & nbsp; at the borders of Ukraine.
  • However, Ukrainian intelligence did not record an increase in Russian military activity near the border. At the same time, Politico published & nbsp; satellite images showing Russian armored vehicles and artillery.
  • Interestingly, even the Ukrainian authorities deny the pulling together of Russian troops. So, NSDC Secretary Alexei Danilov called the information about the collection of troops by Russia & # 171; deliberate disinformation & # 187 ;.
  • Russia at this time refuses to escalate and traditionally says that against it & # 171; spread fakes & # 187 ;.

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