Beware of scammers! A warning from Hevrat Hashmal

Beware scammers! Warning from Hevrat Hashmal

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Israel Electric Company (Hevrat Hashmal) warns Israelis that scammers are trying to extort money from the company's customers.

As reported Portal Arutz Sheva, scammers have created a site similar to Hevrat Hashmal, and send messages to the company's clients urging them to pay bills via a link.

Clicking on the link leads to the fact that the client has an identification number is requested, similar to the one that Hevrat Hashmal customers have. After that, the site of the scammers asks for credit card details.

Israelis are urged to be wary of such reports. It is noted that usually “ Hevrat Hashmal '' does not request payment in this way. The Israelis were also urged to pay attention to the correct website of the company:

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