between these two emblematic dancers, it’s war!

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between these two emblematic dancers, it’s war!

Not easy to get out of the game in Dance with the stars ! One thing is certain. The current no longer passes between these two experts!

Drama on the dance set with the stars!

For two years, fans of Dance with the stars have morale in their socks. Indeed, deprived of their favorite show, they must take their troubles patiently. How to respect the sanitary protocol when the choreographies require close contact? Sand Koh-Lanta has opted to form a team of replacements, that of Camille Combal has chosen to completely revise the principle of the game. Result of the races, some to be successful. Others prefer to fight behind the scenes! Between the two, viewers must act as referees. How to avoid suffering the consequences? Is this umpteenth conflict going to upset the course of this eleventh part? The answer, the writing ofObjection gives it to you right away!

An eleventh season full of twists!

First, the production of Dance with the stars decides to recruit four new nuggets. They are Inès Vandamme Elsa Bois, Adrien Caby, Samuel Texier and Joël Luzolo. Admittedly, that relegates pros like Katrina Pratchett to the substitute bench. The winner of the first season alongside Matt Pokora has it badly. She does not understand at all this choice not to use her services. Motivated as never before to take their celebrity to the end of the adventure of Dance with the stars, the lucky ones will have to dazzle the public, their illustrious competitors as well as the judges. Which is not an easy task, far from it!

A brand new jury

Moreover, speaking of the jury, it has been completely redesigned. Only Chris Marques has agreed to return to the set of Dance with the stars. To support it, TF1 trusts Jean-Paul Gaultier and François Alu. Patrick Dupont’s replacement will necessarily have to work harder to make up for the absence of the star dancer. From the first episode, the audience has a moving thought for him. His tragic death is anchored in our memories. Everyone has their own commentary on the exorbitant salary of these two newcomers. Luckily for us, former champion Denitsa Ikonomova comes to the other side of the looking glass. By agreeing to give advice, she sets herself apart from her little comrades. However, she has one requirement: that of being able to take a few steps from time to time. As the saying goes, drive away the natural, it comes back at a gallop. Will production tolerate this challenge? Especially that behind the scenes, thunder rumbles between Candice Pascal and Fauve Hautot!

Who will have the last word ?

Candice Pascal is angry. When she discovers that her rival Fauve Hautot has a golden partner, she complains against the production. Feeling left behind, she resents them for always giving her celebrities who have stamina. Did they agree to a deal in secret? To our colleagues here, she implies her pain. So, to celebrate, the great return of Dance with the stars on screen, she really hopes to be able to climb the podium steps. By dint of efforts, she will do everything to raise the comedian Gérémy Crédeville to the same level as the actor of Clem, Agustín Galiana. No one has forgotten his victory in the eighth season. More than anything, she wishes to give her competitor a nice thumbs up. Will he achieve it?

For his part, Fauve Hautot has a series of successes with Tayc. Moreover, just before the start of the eleventh season, the latter had entrusted his trick to win. By demanding the best of the dancer, he intends to win the support of the public and the judges.

The time to take stock is approaching

For now, the two women are not openly argued in front of the cameras. But the atmosphere is not really happy in the boxes. Do you think they will continue to pretend to be friends when everyone knows they hate each other? Shouldn’t they be dedicated to choreography? The mystery remains unsolved. We promise, as soon as one stands out, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, may the best win! We are watching your opinion in the comments of this article and we look forward to seeing you in the next issue ofObjection !

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