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Better actor than ever – VG

DESIRE TO WORK: Shannen Doherty, here at the Farrah Fawcett Foundation’s Tex-Mex Fiesta in Beverly Hills in 2019. Photo: LISA O’CONNOR / AFP

TV star Shannen Doherty (50) has stage four cancer, but refuses to be written off for that reason.


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The actor, best known from “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Charmed”, was a guest on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on Thursday. There she spoke according to People about how she thinks the trials of recent years have made her more skilled at the job.

The 50-year-old made it clear that she does not buy the perception many have that having cancer in stage four means that life is soon over.

“People in stage four are written off immediately – by insurance companies, doctors and their boss,” she said.

– I think the truth on the contrary is that when you are hit by something like this, you work even harder than before, she added.

Doherty further explained that in her case, all the experiences have meant that she as an actress has been given a sea of ​​different emotions and moods she can dive into and use at work.

– So I think I’m a better actor than ever.

Doherty stated in 2017 that she was on the road to recovery comprehensive treatment of breast cancer. The following year she was able to state that the disease was back, and that it was in stage four.

It is common to divide breast cancer into four stages, and stage four means that the disease has spread to other organs.

Doherty has in recent years been open about the health situation. Followers on Instagram have received photos from ups and downs.

On Thursday, Doherty shared the photos on Instagram, taken some time ago, to encourage other women to check themselves out.

«Is it beautiful? No. But I hope that by sharing that we all become more enlightened and familiar with what cancer looks like», She writes – and adds that finding humor in all the difficult things, helped her get through what seemed completely impossible.

The American star has continued to work despite the disease. Among other things, she has been seen in the new launch «BH90210» and «Riverdale». On filmnettstedet IMDb she is listed with several upcoming projects, some of which have been recorded.

Three weeks ago, the actress posted this fresh picture, at the same time as she writes that she is grateful for every day:

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