Betar Jerusalem owner suspected of serious sex crimes

Betar Jerusalem owner suspected of serious sex crimes

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At the request of News 13 of the news channel today, on Friday, it became known that the businessman and owner of Betar Jerusalem Moshe Hogg, arrested last month, is also suspected of serious sex crimes.

The businessman is suspected, among other things, that he specially rented premises for prostitution, involved people in prostitution and then blackmailed them, engaged in human trafficking, and he is also accused of invading privacy.

Moshe Mazor and Amit Hadad, the attorneys representing Hogg, said that after consulting him, they decided to withdraw an appeal against the restraining order.

& ldquo; The decision was made after it became clear that much of the evidence was so or otherwise was published and therefore prod There is no point in continuing in this format.

Publications inflict heavy damage on Moshe Hogg, his wife and children, which may be irreparable by the time it becomes clear that these suspicions are unfounded.
< br /> We urge the media to wait until Moshe Hogg is found not guilty and not rely on publications from interested parties & rdquo ;.

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