Bentley presented the Continental GT3 racing coupe

Bentley unveiled the Continental GT3 racing coupe second generation. His predecessor spent 528 races, won 45 of them 120 times and was on the podium.

Coupe built on the basis of Continental’s new generation. The car started six-month test program, including the simulation of a 24-hour marathon.

Instead of the six-liter W12 engine attached to a civilian car, the Continental GT3 is equipped with a 4-liter twin-turbo “eight” with the new intake system, edition, and electronic control unit.

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The efficiency of the unit is 550 horsepower. Box — 6-speed sequential transmission Ricardo. All power of the engine transfers to the rear axle.

The car also received:

  • new suspension with adjustable dampers;
  • new brakes;
  • body panels and aerodynamic kit of carbon fiber.

Compared to the usual Continental racing version of the coupé began on 944 pounds lighter.

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